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  • Be Your Own Boss – Being a Driving Instructor allows you to be your own boss. You control the days and times you work to be.
  • Choose your own working hours - part time or full
  • Work locally from your home
  • Discover real job satisfaction

Dedicated support whenever you need it.
Reference books and other online supporting materials provided.

Check if you can become a driving instructor.
Check if you can become an approved driving instructor (ADI) in Great
Britain and find out:

  • what you need to do to qualify
  • what rules apply if you have an automatic or manual licence

1. Introduction
You have to declare you’ve read this guide when you apply to become an approved driving instructor (ADI). It tells you everything you must know about:

  • your responsibilities as an ADI
  • the qualification and registration process
  • the role and powers of the ADI Registrar and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

2. Driving instructors:
rules and responsibilities

2.1 Legal requirements
To accompany a learner driver, you must:

  • be 21 or over
  • be qualified to drive the same category of vehicle you’re supervising them in
  • have had a full licence for that category for at least 3 years

To legally charge anyone money (or monies worth) for driving instruction in a car, you must either:

  • be on the ADI register
  • have a trainee driving instructor licence

It’s illegal to charge someone for driving lessons if you’re not qualified and registered, or if you do not have a trainee driving instructor licence.